museums 1.0 to 2.0 (part 2)

October 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

Have just been re-reading a post on the connectivism blog about learning ecologies which discusses a presentation to a group of museum professionals on connectivism and learning ecologies. The following par nicely sums up why it is a good idea for museums to explore decentralisation of their online content.

… A general concern appeared to be the desire to get people to use virtual museum resources.

I think this is the wrong question. People don’t want to visit your content. They want to pull your content into their sites, programs, or applications. This is a profound change, largely not understood by educators. We are still fixated on the notion of learning content, and we think we are making great concessions when we give learners control over content (and start to see them as co-creators). That misses the essence of the change: learners want control of their space. They want to create the ecology in which they function and learn. Today, it’s about pulling content from numerous sites and allowing the individual to repurpose it in the format they prefer (allowing them to create/recognize patterns). Much like the music industry had to learn that people don’t want to pay for a whole album when all they want is one song, content providers (education, museums, and libraries) need to see the end user doesn’t want the entire experience – they want only the pieces they want. We need to stop thinking that learners will come to us for learning content – our learning content should come to them in their environment.

View the presentation at


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