Pay to exhibit

November 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

The Museum of London is auctioning exhibition space on eBay. The highest bidder gets one square metre of space in which to display something that relates to London life. Place your bid

one square metre

Put anything you like in there so long as it tells us something about your London:
Your wedding dress
Something you saved from a fire
A memento from Live Aid at Wembley
A poem
A menu from the day your grandparents’ café opened
A trophy you won boxing at York Hall in Bethnal Green
Photographs of the day you waited in the rain at the premier of Star Wars
What you bought with your first pay cheque
The letter that finally granted you asylum
Video footage of an unforgettable day
A placard from a Trafalgar Square demo

An original Christmas present idea perhaps? Certainly an interesting use of web 2.0 by the Museum of London. I’ll be interested to see what ends up in the glass box and who puts it in there. This project bears a resemblance the V&A’s Every Object Tells a Story, an online project (no cost!) where visitors are asked to upload a picture of an object that is personally meaningful to them and write a short narrative around it. The V&A try to empower the museum visitor as co-creator of meaning, the Museum of London are doing the same thing – but at a price of course.


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