Project Simultaneity

December 5, 2006 § Leave a comment

Montage IIOriginally uploaded by Dani Tagen.Today I’m taking part in a Project Simultaneity initiated by artist Dani Tagen who is a member of my Flickr group Tate Online Learning Level 2 . Those taking part will take photographs of anything they find of interest during today, Tuesday the 5th of December 2006. Dani says she is

…….planing to tell a visual story about something that has never happened and will never happen, with the images I will collect from the volunteers. The images should be about the volunteers ordinary life, just shooting anything that feels interesting – doesn’t matter what and the quality. My goal is to emphasise our connection to the world. It’s going to be a visual story about everyone at the same time.

Great that Flickr makes it so easy to participate in something like this, how simple it is to contribute to an artists work that may be seen in a museum’s real space. I’m off to collect images now, wonder how they’ll end up in the final work?


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