Social networking as ‘artproject’

January 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

In the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday He knows where you live  a short peice about a Canberra student using myspace profiles, in particular user pics, to create artwork.  On Reuben Ingall’s website at he has three pages of back to back user profile pics and in this context they take on a whole new life. He also raises some interesting questions about perceptions of privacy in virtual spaces. We are taking more risks sharing information with strangers online than we would with strangers in the real world.


§ 2 Responses to Social networking as ‘artproject’

  • Nina Simon says:


    I just discovered your blog. Some neat projects! You should check out–it’s an amazing project that automatically pulls “I feel” statements from blogs all over the world and allows you to aggregate the data in different ways. The visualizations are lovely, but even more than that, I was struck by the fact that this machine is spreading the intimate emotional thoughts of people to strangers all over. And of course, when you have a MySpace page, blog, flickr account, you are making that content available–but, as you say, the perception of privacy is not commensurate with the possibilities of the web. I wrote a post about it at:


  • Francesca says:

    Thanks Nina, good to know you’re reading, and to find out about your web 2.0 blog. Thanks for the wefeelfine link, I’ll post some more about that on your site. I’m about to add more thoughts on privacy issues online, my long held conceptions of privacy have been challenged by having this blog and seem so old hat but still incredibly hard to shake off.

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