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Stills from Dead Calm, Breaker Morant, Little Fish, Storm Boy and The Proposition
I recently became aware of a project to get Australia’s audio visual heritage online. australianscreen is slated for launch mid this year, the site’s holding page at announces

  • australianscreen is a web-based resource that will offer free access to a vast range of Australian moving image and audio material drawn from the Australian film, television and radio industries.
  • What an amazing resource this will be for film makers, viewers, archivists and learners in all guises.  In this ‘online’ conversational age there is an incredible potential for this project to raise the profile of Australian screen history and culture locally and internationally. Will users of the database be able to contribute tags to the audiovisual material they view/listen to to create a lively folksonomy? It will also be interesting to see if there is any online community building initiative built into the australianscreen vision.


    Artist’s blog

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    This month I’ve been helping Sydney artist  AñA Wojak  set up a blog to document her photo-synthesis project. She is the first official Royal Sydney Botanical Gardens artist in residence and will work in the gardens from March 2007 until March 2008. Much of the work AñA create’s during this residency will be ephemera and will perish (or get nicked) quickly. Blogging is the perfect way to for us as viewers to follow the project and keep track of what’s on display within the gardens. Blogging also provides a cheap and easy way to keep a record of the 12 months for AñA’s own portfolio and the Botanical Gardens own archive.

    The End of Privacy

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    I’m building a small business web site at the moment and the owners are shy about putting their picture on-line. My immediate reaction is how twentieth century to be so modest! How will they react to their children putting their lives online –  Here’s an interesting article about ‘Kids, the internet and End of Privacy: The Greatest generation gap since Rock and Roll’ from the New York Magazine site Say Anything

    Kids today. They have no sense of shame. They have no sense of privacy. They are show-offs, fame whores, pornographic little loons who post their diaries, their phone numbers, their stupid poetry—for God’s sake, their dirty photos!—online. They have virtual friends instead of real ones. They talk in illiterate instant messages. They are interested only in attention—and yet they have zero attention span, flitting like hummingbirds from one virtual stage to another.

    Photography inside Museums

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    Ron Mueck's Man in a Boat. Picture: Katarzyna Krzywania
    Ron Mueck’s Man in a Boat. Picture: Katarzyna Krzywania

    I’ve often wondered why you can’t take photographs in some museums or in some exhibitions and not others. The  e-artcasting blog entry “When Cameras Inside Museums Are Forbidden: Web2.0 and Copyrights” shed some light on the mystery.  The answer is pretty obvious really it’s all about lender agreements and copyright.

    Project Simultaneity preview

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    Here’s a sneak peak at The result is really quite moving – creating something alone to come together – or something like that.

    Currarong Rock pool

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    Got back from a couple of internet free weeks on the south coast of NSW and have only just managed to get back in front of the warm glow of my monitor. more soon…….

    Currarong Rock pool, originally uploaded by chess65.

    Memories of London

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    Another thought provoking Museum of London  effort,  is  a great idea, basically you can attach text, a photo, video and sound files to a google map of London to create a mosaic of London memories. The site sorts the content by themes such as “Love&Loss”, “Joy&Struggle”, “Fate&Coincidence” and you can add your own themes – how about “Broke&Australian”. The google map keeps crashing for me so I haven’t had a good look at the memories or added any of my own but hope to soon.